Raja Ram Mohan Roy: Essay, Article, Short Note, Biography, Speech

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Raja Ram Mohan Roy: Essay, Article, Short Note, Biography, Speech

Biography of Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Born 22 May 1772
Radhanagar, Bengal Presidency, British India
Died 27 September 1833 (aged 61)
Stapleton, Bristol, England
Cause of death Meningitis
Resting place Arnos Vale Cemetery
Nationality Indian
Other names Herald Of New Age
Known for Bengal Renaissance, Brahmo Sabha
(socio, political reforms)

Introduction(Essay on Raja Ram Mohan Roy)

The founder of the Brahmo Sabha movement Raja Ram Mohan Roy was born on 22 May in 1772 in Radhanagar, Hooghly District, Bengal Presidency. His father Ramkanta was from Vaishnavite family and his mother Tarinidevi was from a Shivaite family. Ram Mohan Roy was married three times in his life. His first wife died in his childhood. He had two sons named Radhaprasad and Ramaprasad in with his second wife, who died in 1824. His third wife lived longer with him. Raja Ram Mohan Roy was totally affected by the politics, public administration, and education as well as religion.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy: Essay, Article, Short Note, Biography, Speech
Raja Ram Mohan Roy: Essay, Article, Short Note, Biography, Speech

Early Life of Raja Ram Mohan Roy (Essay on Raja Ram Mohan Roy)

Roy’s early education was controversial. Majority of the people has said that he started his education in the village primary school where he learned Bengali and some Sanskrit and Persian. He studied Persian and Arabic in Patna and then he was sent to Kashi for learning the intricacies of Sanskrit and Hindu scripture, including the Vedas and Upanishads. He was known for his efforts to stamp out the practice of Sati which was a Hindu funeral practice in which the widow was compelled to sacrifice her life in her husband’s funeral pyre.

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Impact of Roy on the Society

Ram Mohan Roy’s impact on modern Indian history was a total revival of the pure and ethical principles of the Vedanta school of philosophy as found in the Upanishads. He preached the unity of God and made early translations of Vedic scriptures into English. Roy founded the Brahma Samaj that played a major role in reforming and modernizing the Indian society. The Brahma Samaj believed in the existence of One Supreme God and that worship of Him needs no fixed place or time. They added that we can adore or please God at any time and at any place. He sought to integrate Western culture with the best features of our own country’s traditions and cultures. He has established a number of schools to popularize a modern system that was effectively replacing Sanskrit based education with English based education in India. He also promoted a rational, ethical, non-authoritarian, this-worldly, and social-reform Hinduism. His writings and lessons also sparked interest among British and American Unitarians.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy as an Economist

The East India Company was pulling money from India at a rate of three million pounds a year in 1838. Ram Mohan Roy was only the first Indian who tried to estimate how much money was being driven out of India. He also found that where it was disappearing. He calculated and told the Indians that around one-half of all total revenue collected in India was sent out to England. And India had left with a considerably larger population use the remaining money for maintaining social well-being. Roy saw this first and believed that the unrestricted settlement of European would help ease the economic drain crisis.

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Conclusion (Speech on Raja Ram Mohan Roy)

Raja Ram Mohan Roy was the first great social and religious reformer of the nineteenth century. He has given a modern meaning and purpose to the ancient and medieval elements of Indian polity. He has brought about a synthesis of the East and the West which led to a cosmopolitan humanist culture. He was the first thinker of modern India who urged social and religious reforms on rational principles. He has stood in history as the living bridge between India’s past and her bright future his Pace as the first builder of a new and renascent India is indisputable. He was an arch which spanned the gulf that yawned between the ancient caste and modern, humanity, between art and science, between despotism and democracy, between immobile custom and a conservative progress, between polytheism and theism.

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