Raksha Bandhan : Essay, Article, Speech, Paragraph, Short Note

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Raksha Bandhan : Essay, Article, Speech, Paragraph, Short Note

Essay on Raksha Bandhan

India is a country full of colors, cultural richness and festivals. Each festival is unique by itself. It is the colorfulness in Holi, lights in Diwali or sweets and brotherhood in Eid. Each festival is a medium which connects various segments of people in India. Among all these, exists Raksha Bandhan, the festival which shows a pious connection, an amazing bond between brother and sister. It is a festival which shows the relentless love and devotion of a brother and his sister. In various states of India, this festival is celebrated by different names. For instance, in the western part of India, Rakhi is known as “Nariyal Purnima” and signify the full moon like coconut. In the southern part of India, this festival is known as “Avani  Avittam” or “Upakarmam”. Central India uses the name “Kajari Purnima” and in other parts, Rakhi is also called “Rakhi Purnima”. Although this takes place during the Hindu month of Shravan on full moon day, the festival isn’t limited to the Hindu devotees but even fellow Christians and Muslims join in.

History and facts

Raksha Bandhan : Essay, Article, Speech, Paragraph, Short Note

Sisters tie the pious thread on their brother’s wrists for their well being and long life. Sequentially, brothers bounded by the fragile thread to relish and shield their sisters from all the ills and evils. The sisters then offer a dessert treat to their brothers and receive gifts embedded with love, in return.

Raksha Bandhan is one of those rare ancient cultural occasions that does not limit the rituals to a brother and a sister. You need not be a related by blood or family to tie a rakhi and do pooja on Rakshabandhan.

Raksha Bandhan wasn’t just meant as a symbol of sibling love. During a war between Gods and demons, wherein Indra (the king of heaven) was losing to King Bali, Indra’s wife Indrani prayed to Lord Vishnu, who gave her a holy thread which she tied around Indra’s wrist. Blessed with its powers, Indra won the war and the thread became his protection against any evil.

Also, It is came to be known that after Lord Krishna injured his index finger while hurling the Sudharshan Chakra at Shishupala, Draupadi tore a piece of cloth from her saree and wrapped it around Krishna’s finger to prevent it from bleeding. Touched by her unconditional love, Krishna took the mantle of Draupadi’s care and protection upon himself, as was also seen during the cheer haran by the Kauravas. All these incidents (ancient stories) are the roots of Raksha Bandhan’s existence.

Since  RakshaBandhan is now considered as a day to celebrate the sacred relation of a brother and a sister yet there have been examples in history where in Rakhi just meant raksha or protection. It could involve any bond, be it a mother and a daughter’s or sisters’. The Rishis tied rakhi to the people who came seeking their blessings. The sages tied the sacred thread to themselves to safe guard them from the evil.

In India, every year, women from various NGOs, schools, colleges, etc send Rakhi to the soldiers who reside in the borders of the country, fighting for it. This includes soldiers who were unable to go to their families in the event of putting the country and its civilians before family and festivals.


Raksha Bandhan : Essay, Article, Speech, Paragraph, Short Note

This festival symbolizes care for not just our own sisters but also women in general. This festival does focus mainly on the brother-sister relation but that doesn’t mean it is only valid for blood relations. As things are changing, so should our thought process. Raksha Bandhan is not all about tying a thread, but it tells much more than that. It spells out protection in every sense, irrespective of gender, bond, and other external factors.

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  2. vThe day of Rakshabandhan comes every year and reminds them of changes that took place in their life,but only one this which has not been changed is the way celebrating Rakshabandhan.As they grow old,might be the brother and sister are staying far from each other but Rakhi is a festival to celebrates the beautiful bond of love.

  3. raksha bandhan is celebrated to make strong bond between brother and sisters this festiwal shows unconditional love and affection

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