Republic Day – Essay, Speech, Article [26th January]

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Republic Day – Essay, Speech, Article [26th January]

Republic Day in India is celebrated on 26 January. This was the day when Constitution of India came into force and India called itself “Republic” on the same day. After gaining independence from British in 1947, the Constitution has been prepared by the Constitution Assembly. Republic Day is celebrated every year in order to provide honor and commemorate the day when the Constitution has been made. 26 January has become the red-letter-day in the history of our nation. This day was declared as the National holiday by the Government of India.

The celebration of the Republic Day:

This day is celebrated with full enthusiasm and pride in the eyes of the citizens of our nation and especially in the capital of our country that is New Delhi. The celebration in New Delhi starts with the President’s address to the nation. The day reminds of the martyrs and great leaders who sacrificed their lives for the benefit of the country.

Republic Day- Essay, Speech, Article
Republic Day- Essay, Speech, Article

On this grand occasion, a grand parade is organized in Delhi that begins from Vijaya Chowk and concludes at the India Gate of the city. The parade is held by the Indian Armed Forces which comprises of Indian Navy, Indian Army and Indian Air Force.

The display of various types of tanks, big guns, arms and various other types of weapons take place. The different tunes are being played by the Military Bands. The police and the N. C. C cadets also participate in the parade. The salute of the Indian Flag is being taken by the President of India. Other countries president’s also come to salute the National Flag of India.

Republic Day- Essay, Speech, Article
Republic Day- Essay, Speech, Article

After the parade, all the states of the India displays and represents their own Jhankis, rallies which shows the culture, tradition and which all goes under the theme of ‘Unity in Diversity in India’. The participants show their talents with the folk dances and songs. 

The celebration of the Republic Day in schools and colleges:

This day is celebrated with great pride in every school and college. The march past is done by the students of schools and colleges where they form a group and visit the most famous part of their cities in order to build a feeling of patriotism in the citizens of our nation.

The National Flag is then hosted by the principals of the school and all the teachers, students and principal of the schools and colleges sing the National song that is ‘Jana Gana Mana’ with a feeling of patriotism. Students then present various types of dances on the patriotic songs, various types of skits are also performed, and children also take part in singing and sing patriotic songs.

Great honors and award distribution:

The bravery awards are being distributed to the brave children and citizens of the country. During the parade, all the proud winners are being brought up into the limelight. The most significant award that is the Padma Award is also declared by the Government. The Veer Chakra Award is also declared to the valiant soldiers. One of the highest civilian awards ‘The Bharat Ratna’ award is also provided to the citizen whose contribution to the nation was most significant. Sometimes no one is found great enough who can claim this Bharat Ratna Award.


This day is celebrated with full zeal and zest. This may make us remember about the proud leader and soldiers who gave their lives just because of the sake of our freedom. The day brings up the feeling of patriotism in each one of us. With the help of this day, we also come to know about the talent the people of our country have and the brave citizens and children of our country.

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