Role of Women in India: Importance, Significance, Essay and Speech

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Role of Women in India: Importance, Significance, Essay, Speech

Introduction: Essay on Role of Women In India

Women, a sector of society which is indeed the responsible factor of descending generations, play a major role in the formation of the social-legal system and economy of the world. They are leading powers of the nation with an overall knowledge from interior households to the peripheral world. Indian women are known for their calm and composite persona. They work with an attitude to bind people with love rather than explicit competition leading to disintegration. These principles work in every field, may it be nation or economy. They have been gifted with the powers to manage a home, and it can be blindly believed that a person who knows how to stack people with different interests and opinions together and bind them, they can surely create wonders in India’s development.

Role of Women in India: Importance, Significance, Essay, Speech
Role of Women in India: Importance, Significance, Essay, Speech

Role of Women in India – (Importance of Women in Development)

The Indian history would have never witnessed the day when Kalpana Chawala entered space if she feared from the criticisms of the social system. Indira Gandhi would have been just a normal individual if she bothered about all those who said politics is not meant for women. Awarded by Bharat Ratna and Padma Vibhushan Lata Mangeshkar, respected her conscience and thus India earned their singing star. It was Kiran Bedi who had the courage to fight against the wrongs and stand for what she believed was correct. The point of discussion was never that women are better than men; rather, if given a chance, they are no less than men. They are emotional, physically and creatively strong, but yet treated weak. And that is when the need to fight for them arises. Nobody has the power to stop them, except themselves. But, what they demand is a race, emotionally equal and a little support from every aspect of society. With or without support, Hema Malini, Saina Nehwal, Smriti Mandhana, Mary Kom and Saroj Khan, rose and will keep on rising.

Ranging from being a housewife, flying into space, governing a diverse nation, curing people with – diseases, fighting against champions in boxing rings or winning gold medals in Olympics, women shine everywhere and history encounters a remarkable mark of their excellence. But yet, what could be shameful and embarrassing for an Indian is to hear that women are good for nothing. On the name of religion and culture, people today have been continuously misleading the mass and depriving women of their capabilities. Unfortunately, being in the 21st century, where technology rules the world, the nation still believes and follows all thru myths. Women yet today are engraved in the shackles of the bondage of culture, family, and society. All the ideologies, cultures, practices, religions were to be followed to bring all people together under the same umbrella irrespective of caste, creed, nationality, color and sex. But, it is disheartening for us to know that practices began earlier, could actually belittle a section of society with the maximum value of importance.

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Conclusion: Speech on Role of Women in India

Feminism is all that people today talk about. Starting from reserving bus seats to exclusive representation of women in general assembly, they have been given equal rights everywhere. But yet, the issues of safety, freedom, and – remains unconcerned. What women demand is not the reservation, but a healthy and safe environment for them to wander around, freedom to pursue their dreams and stand by what they do without any restrictions. Women are the torch bearers of the society. What we need to understand is that if they choose to remain mum for the integration of their own home, they can even choose to speak for themselves. Let the kitchen queens’ rule upon the world and let people encounter the wonders they create. The world shall soon know the outcomes when pacific sea turns into a thrashing tsunami, drowning the world in their successes.

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