Sample Recommendation Letter – For Employees, Co-worker – From Manager, CEO, Colleague

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Sample Recommendation Letter – For Employees, Co-worker – From Manager, CEO, Colleague


There are times when you are running your company, at some high post or a co-worker, where you need to write a recommendation letter for your employee or colleague. One must know that the recommendation he or she is writing is going to go in the employee’s CV, so you must write it correctly.

Sample Recommendation Letter - For Employee, Company, Student By Manager, Employee, Colleague
Sample Recommendation Letter – For Employee, Company, Student By Manager, Employee, Colleague

Recommendation letters can be tricky to write, one has to sound brief as well as highlight some important skills the employee has featured during his or her work tenure. So as an employee one must provide his or her details and specifics like tenure of work, types of projects worked, etc, to his boss. Further, the supervisor should make the recommendation letter sound positive if he thinks the work done by the employee was to his satisfaction.

Sometimes some companies ask for a recommendation letter (2 to 3 letters) for hiring an employee. So if you are asked by your employer to write one for him, you should include the specifics. If you are not comfortable with writing one, just inform him that you can’t.

Tips to Write Recommendation Letter

  • Before composing a letter ask the employee for his CV or resume,
  • Ask the employee if he needs a general or a recommendation letter for a specific job.
  • Ask him to provide his general details like tenure he or she has worked, projects they have undertaken, etc.
  • The letters introduction should tell for how long you have known the employee.
  • The second i.e. the body should have his strengths and skills.
  • While closing the letter you might add that the employee would be a great asset to their company. And share your contact information.

Sample Recommendation Letter For Employees, Co-worker

Sample 1: Recommendation letter was written by a manager for a former employee for any company

(Use company’s letterhead For Professional Recommendation Letter)

Date: 04/08/2018

To Whomsoever it may Concern

It is my pleasure to recommend Ms. Lana Welsh for your company. Lana has worked for our company for two years as an assistant web developer in my office.

Lana is a self-motivated and goal oriented person. Her attitude towards her work has been more significant over the year which has impressed me. She is a bright employee and is always punctual in completing her tasks before the deadline. She has great leadership qualities which have both benefitted her and the company. She is a quick learner and has an impressive ability to process information fast and memorize them. She is a confident and goes getter type person.

Ms. Welsh is not only capable in her field of interest but is also keen on writing the marketing policies and propounding market trends.

Any company that hires Ms. Welsh will be satisfied with her work and amount of knowledge. She is a hard-working employee with numerous skills. I would highly recommend Ms. Lana Welsh. For further details, one can contact me from the details provided below.



Shivani Singh
XYZ Company

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Sample 2: Recommendation Letter for a Specific Company

Brian Cooper:
Hiring Manager,
XY Company,
SZ Street,

Subject: Recommendation Letter of Ted Martin

Dear Brian Cooper,

I am writing this letter to express my full support for Ted Martin’s letter for his application to your company. Ted has worked for me for a period of 5 years. He has worked as a project creator in the marketing field for our company.

Ted is a bright person with great ideas and knowledge. His grasping power is quick. He is serious and works dedicated. Ted has always been an initiative taker and has worked for our company with full dedication and enthusiasm. In his five year tenure, he has always been the first one to submit his work before deadline time with hardly any mistakes. He has taken plenty of responsibilities and has worked really hard to reach to this position in the company. He has always received good reviews from his team for being a wonderful leader.

I would recommend him without any second thoughts. He would be a perfect employee for your organization. He is a confident young man. Feel free to contact me and thank you for your time.



Shivani Singh
Hiring manager
ABCD Company

Sample 3: Recommendation Letter from a co-worker

Mr. Nathan Flake
Chief marketing head
BCD Company
Martins Road

Subject: Recommendation letter for Jennifer Jane

Dear Mr. Nathan:

I am really pleased to recommend Jennifer for the position of junior editing writer for your company. I have worked alongside Ms. Jane for 3 years as a content writer and editor and have been amazed by her work at BBDED Company.

I am happy to tell you that Jennifer has been a commendable writer in the company and her blogs are truly remarkable. She has been working for the company for about four years and has always received great applause from the manager. Working alongside her has been a boon. She is confident about her work and is even more dedicated to her projects and helping others. Besides the work, she also maintains a blog where she has posted some remarkable stories which are quite popular.

Your company would be quite delighted with her diligence and knowledge about her field. To quote my words again I would highly recommend Ms. Jennifer for your company’s position as a junior editing writer.



Robin Cooper
Content editor
BBDED Company


The above samples show how one can write great sample recommendation letters for their employees, co-workers, etc. To conclude one must keep in mind that recommendation letters can be very important for a person. Hence they must be written as positively as possible.