School Life – Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph

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School Life – Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph

A person in his life goes through various stages. It starts right after the birth, the first stage includes infancy followed by childhood, adolescence, adulthood and then the final stage is of old age. The foundation of a life starts with family followed by school. School plays a very vital role in our lives as it covers two stages of life i.e. childhood and adolescence. From the first day of school, we come to know the realities of the world and experience many things. Spending 15-16 years of our life it becomes our second home. It is the school from where we began to learn a lot of things that improve our lives and sets the base for our coming years.

School Life - Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph
School Life – Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph

It is the school from where we learn the morals of the life, be it from our morning assembly, teachers, and coursework or also from the experiences we face during the day. We learn discipline, respect, obedience, etiquette and much more. We also learn how to maintain patience according to the situation and how to deal with it in various circumstances.

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A lot of brain development occurs through academic activities. We gather a lot of knowledge about the world and its scenarios. Academics lead us to build a career-oriented life for a better future. Books not only help us academically but it also helps to groom ourselves, co-curricular activities conducted in schools also helps a lot in the development of our personality as it includes debates, sports, dramatics which helps to explore ourselves and find our true identity. Through the regular social interactions in the passing years, we create a lot of unforgettable memories including people like schoolmates, teachers, and staff members as we get emotionally attached to them.

The base of our life revolves around how well we are able to manage our time and this virtue we learn from our schools. We get assignments, home works, have tests, coaching, and examinations so we learn how to plan your day right from the morning we wake up and it goes until the time the day ends. We learn to manage our time according to the crunch situations we face.

It is said that synonym for school life is friendship. It plays an important role in social development as when we make friends we don’t bother about their caste or religion it is based on our genuine emotions. It is the friend who helps us with the various problems we face in our school life and we also share all our personal life with them as after certain time they become our family far from the house. Sometimes the friendship becomes harmful rather than being fruitful as we move towards the path that we should not have taken. The peers guide us towards the addiction of cigarettes, alcohol, drugs which started causing harm to the life. So we should always choose our friends wisely so if we are getting misguided by the wrong company of peers then they can guide us towards the right path.

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Although we crib about the school restrictions, discipline during our school days but when all this comes to an end and we move towards our further life what is left is nothing but the memories and the foundations that we have acquired over a period of time. After the completion of schooling, we promise our friends to be in touch but after a certain period of time, it becomes very difficult to be connected as all of our moves in different directions of life.

All that is left is just an experience to cherish for the lifetime.

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