StudyBay: The Easiest Way to Earn Money Online

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We millennials hardly ever depend on manual efforts. We go for the easiest solution for every small activity that turns up, which is e-commerce. E-commerce has taken over the job of walking out, looking out for what you want, and then walking back. In the presence of simplicity at its best, why neglect the education sector? Similar to hotel bookings, flight and bus bookings, StudyBay is an educational platform that enables educational business. Normally, a liaison website is used as affiliation with the original e-commerce website in order to rise up the visibility and reach of their products or services. These liaison websites take up the job of attracting visitor attention and traffic towards the original website. This process is commonly referred to as affiliated marketing.

Let’s get to know StudyBay

One of the most well-known educational business platforms that use affiliated marketing is StudyBay. It’s a space that was established to exchange educational and academic material of high information value. Freelance authors are hired to throw forth their expertise in different subjects and at the same time, fulfill the needs of students. In this process, first, authors get projects from students after which they raise their bids. Once the project is confirmed, the authors get to work. The authors even get paid for their work. It works two-ways where both the student and author are benefitted. This workplace offers various essays, academic papers, dissertation etc. Materials that are reliable, unique and written by well-qualified freelancers can be obtained instantly.

After signing up for StudyBay, everyone will be provided with a username and password with which they can log in from the next session. The articles presented in this platform are guaranteed to be plagiarism-free and hence, they are run through plagiarism software before being presented to the client (Student). StudyBay even gives you a money-back guarantee. The authors can be personally selected by the student as per his/her requirements, after the offers are raised.

What is StudyBay Affiliate Program?

StudyBay Affiliate Program signifies educational traffic directed in English-speaking countries. A wide range of traffic is garnered under a single roof and the presence of spam is mostly improbable. A lot of efforts are taken to promote smooth functioning of this business. StudyBay believes in promptness and hence, authors are paid regularly. Sometimes, they are even paid on a daily basis. The minimum payout for authors is usually $10 and payments can be carried out using cards (Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and Payoneer)

Following is a list of some mind-blowing promotion techniques adopted in StudyBay:

  • Banners
  • Order forms
  • Links
  • Landings
  • Keywords

After the students put forward their topic, StudyBay presents various offers and on your first order, you are provided a flat 60% offer! Moreover, an additional 15% is deducted from your succeeding orders. For every attracted partner, you will be offered $10 and a commission of 5% is given for referral program if you are able to invite and at the same time, get a new partner using your referral link. An in-detail data analysis is also provided to you after you place a new order.

In StudyBay, time is given a lot of value and importance and hence, it abides by its principle of promptness. Delays are not entertained in this workspace. The data that is fed in the page and website, as a whole, is secured by SSLS 128 bit encryption. The price per page goes up to $5, which comes off as nominal and affordable. This amazing package undoubtedly saves you a huge amount of time, money and efforts. Since the students’ time is saved, they could alternatively direct their time and efforts towards accomplishing another task that is more important.

StudyBay has congregated more than 10,000 authors till date and the number only keeps increasing. It’s a reliable business place where the authors are examined to be well-read and competent. Their work experience of more than 55,000 topics till now is also pretty impressive. StudyBay’s customer service department is quite dedicated and responds to queries instantly without delay. Your queries could be either technical or general. All you need to do is go to the support tab and type in your query. Your issues are also responded to through an online chat service.

StudyBay Affiliate Program Promotions

StudyBay enables you to make use of multiple promotional tools that facilitate your traffic accretion process. According to your requirements, you can choose suitable materials from a large pile including CTA buttons, a catalog of keywords, landing pages, banners, pop-ups etc. These materials are supported by almost all popular devices and operating systems. These instruments are also tested using A/B testing that shows a positive result. Another advantage of this platform is that it funds your educational blogs.

Advantages of StudyBay Affiliate Program:

  • Processing of a conversion rate of 57% (which is the highest rate in the industry) is possible in this platform.
  • The maximum number of re-bills ranges from 5 to 9, depending on the product.
  • Conversion of traffic is not restricted to week days but it’s also possible on weekends and holidays. StudyBay permits 24*7 traffic conversion.
  • Instant transactions are made way for on an everyday basis with a minimal payment of $10.
  • This is the idyllic place for the coolest promotional stuff.

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To sum it up

StudyBay has hence managed to gather a lot of positive user reviews and a reliable brand image. It is also ranked as one of the leading affiliate programs that help you direct your prowess to the right platform. It makes us all realize that writing doesn’t just help yourself but also a lot of students around you. Check it out!