Surgical Strikes: Essay, Speech, Paragraph, Article

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Surgical Strikes: Essay, Speech, Paragraph, Article

Introduction (Essay on Surgical Strikes)

Surgical Strikes :- ‘We sleep because they are awake, we live because they die.’ A set of society, which breathe and bleed nation, the army, is the only reason of our peace. Anybody thought if they could ever disrupt somebody’s peace?

Gun-loaded hands, veiled faces, armed bodies, that’s how they enter. But what they do, is much more horrifying than it seems. The world burns in their rage and people bleed due to their envy. A yellow-black sky and the red earth is all they leave behind. The massacre which they create is all for a cause. What they do is always and only for the country.

Surgical Strikes: Essay, Speech, Paragraph, Article

A surgical strike is a well-planned militant affair of crossing the borders of a nation and destroying the military forces, camps and arms, where there is no or minimal harm to the common people and rest of the surrounding structures and public utilities. It is carried out under the guidance and instructions of Defense Ministry and  Army authorities. One such step of taken by the Indian Army was by conducting a surgical strike against Pakistan on 28th and 29th September 2016.

Surgical Strike of 2016

The year of 2016 was a year which would be remembered for its historic decisions of demonetization and a surgical strike by the Indian government which swayed the world. Since the great divide of 1947, the Indo-Pak cold war is one of the most talked about rivalry in the world. Since then, Pakistan has always sought for ways to attack our nation, either physically or verbally. But the events leading to surgical strike can be dated back to 18th September 2016 when four Pakistani militants attacked Indian army at Uri-base in Jammu and Kashmir. It was Jaish-e-Mohammad Fidayeen group of Pakistan who planned the attack causing 19 deaths. Later, on 21st September, India gave a protest letter to Pakistan High Commissioner Abdul Bassit regarding the involvement of Pakistan in those attacks. It, in turn, back-fired India as Pakistani defense minister blamed us of carrying Uri attack to grab the attention from protestants group in Jammu and Kashmir. These events outraged India and consequently led to its outbreak in the form of surgical strike.

Later on 22nd September, Director General of Army, Lt General Ranbir Singh briefed the particulars of the operations to be carried out, to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Defense Minister Manohar Parikkar and National Security Advisor Ajiti Doval. It was one of the swift decision ever made. The operations began at 12.30 am when the commandos of Indian Army were dropped at Line of Control (LoC) in the region of Pakistan controlled and administered Kashmir. The surgical operations were conducted in Bhimber, Holspring, Kel and Lipa sectors across the LoC in Pakistan. As claimed by India, during the surgical strike, 7 military launch pads were destroyed and 38 terrorists and 2 Pakistani soldiers were killed. Before the attack, the army forces walked for 1-3 km destroying terrorist bases. All the Indian soldiers returned safely, except one who accidentally stepped on a land mile.

The Aftermatch of Surgical Strikes

What happened after the surgical strike was a heated discussion on the political grounds around the globe. Pakistan claimed that there had been no surgical strike conducted at LoC by India. It also increased the terrorist activities in India and strained the relations shared by both the countries. It also had a negative impact on the film industry, encountering a significant uprising amongst the citizens on the issue of casting Pakistani actors despite the tension across the border. It also saw the formation of allied groups as Pakistan feared of an another attack on a larger scale. The Modi government began gathering support from the neighboring countries like Japan and Germany whereas Pakistan tried to improve their relationship with China. In today’s political scenario, every country is trying to strengthen their powers hoping against the odds. The question that when would the havoc come to an end is yet to be answered. Or will it ever terminate?

Conclusion on Surgical Strikes

A nation with no terrorism, extortion, black money, murders is a dream day for every citizen. Peace and harmony are yet the ultimate desire of every being. No matter how justified the cause is, the destruction which these attacks create on the either side of the border could never be reasonable. Proving your superiority by the medium of bloodshed is just an act to quench your own thirst. At end of the day, what one aspires from life is immense happiness, peace, and satisfaction, away from all the ferocious acts of a human. If every civilian adheres to it, the world would be a happy and peaceful place to live in.