Tourism – Essay, Speech, Article, Short Note (Importance of Tourism)

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Tourism – Essay, Speech, Article, Short Note, Importance of Tourism

Introduction (Essay on Tourism)

The mankind has been traveling since the beginning of time for various reasons; in search of food, water, shelter, etcetera. The evolution that has taken place over the years has given rise to multifarious economies as well as industrial and trading activities that help run them.

Tourism - Essay, Speech, Article, Short Note (Importance of Tourism)
Tourism – Essay, Speech, Article, Short Note (Importance of Tourism)

One of the major economic drivers in today’s time, tourism refers to the act of traveling done by a tourist to a destination and staying there for a minimum period of twenty-four hours.

“You don’t need magic to disappear; all you need is a destination.”

Components of Tourism (Speech on Tourism)

Tourism as an industry has flourished massively over the years. It consists of five major components, also widely known as the 5 A’s, namely:

  • Attraction:

It is the basic attraction that a tourism destination has to offer to the people visiting. Attractions can be natural, man-made or symbiotic in nature.

  • Accommodation:

It refers to the stay arrangement that can be availed by the tourists visiting.

  • Accessibility:

This component defines how easily accessible a tourist destination is, i.e., by road, rail, water or air.

  • Amenities:

The facilitation of basic needs and requirements at a tourist destination define the extent of amenities it offers, like hospitals, phone booths, ATMs, etcetera.

  • Activities:

Indulgence in various fun and recreational activities that are practiced at a tourism destination in order to fulfill the tourist’s heart also adds to the wholesome experience.

Types of Tourism

Tourism has become a separate world in itself. It was only years back when people used to travel because of work and had no choice, but today it is considered a sumptuous and plush activity that is undertaken willingly.

The industry has broadened so vividly that it has developed innumerable types catering to all kinds of enthusiasts, like Religious or Faith Tourism for the devotees, Eco-Tourism for the social workers etcetera.

The daring pursue Adventure Tourism that includes activities like skydiving, paragliding, bungee jumping and other sports, whereas the ebullient pursue Culinary and Cultural Tourism where tasting and talking are the only tasks. Medical Tourism has been gaining a lot of hype for quite some time, with South East Asian countries being promoted as the best destinations for the same.

Effect of Tourism on Economy

One of the largest proliferating industries of today, tourism is majorly lending a hand in the economy’s progression. From bringing foreign exchange in the economy and aiding the national income soar high, to creating employment opportunities for more and more people, it is an economic game changer and indubitably a solid investment as a major development tool.

Tourism also helps to create awareness amongst people. Not only does it educate the ones employed in the field about the attractions, but also the tourists by sensitizing them towards the environment as well as protecting and conserving what has been formed and built for everyone to revere.

A direct interaction of tourists with the host communities helps facilitate cross-cultural communication that helps both learn about each other; their choices, their beliefs, religions and customs, festivities and what not. All these things help educate the people about numerous things, unveiling the charisma of diversification.

Conclusion – Speech on Importance of Tourism

The industry so far has taken everyone by an enormous surge; so dynamic that more than a billion people were recorded to be traveling in the year 2016. Smoother functioning of e-visas, as well as the visa on arrival facilities have also played a significant role in the success.

Letting us explore magnificent destinations and amassing memories for life, tourism is an enticing captivation that must definitely be experienced by everyone. To see the world from one’s own eyes is to have felt what beauty truly feels like, as traveling not only lets one find places but their own self.

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