Umang App Download for Android, iPhone – Umang Mobile App Free (Umang App For PC)

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Umang App Download for Android, iPhone – Umang Mobile App Free (Umang App For PC)

If you’re wondering what would be an amazing and hassle-free way to get assistance with Government Services, Umang App is exactly what you’re looking for. Umang Mobile App provides services like EPFO, Pan Card, Passport Seva, Bharat Bill Pay, Kisan Suvidha and so on.

Moreover, the best merit that comes along with this App is that it can be downloaded for free online. This is a single roof under which all Indians can browse different government schemes. Diverse schemes are present with all details under this one roof. One of its adaptive features is that this app is available in 13 different languages including English. These 13 different languages are regional languages of different parts of India.

Umang App for PC Download

UMANG can be expanded as Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance. This keen advancement was devised by the Information Technology wing and Ministry of Electronics. The contribution of the National e-Governance division has also been significant. Moving on from the credits, coming to the main point, you must be wondering how to download this app and how to use it at your convenience.

You can download Umang application from Play Store. To do so, follow the given steps:

  • Install Bluestacks.
  • Open Play Store and search for Umang App
  • Now you can install the application in your Windows PC.

As mentioned before, this application guides you and helps you with services like EPF, Pan Card and other primary government based services. This seems to be a convenient way to access multiple services in one single platform. It ends up saving you a lot of time and effort.

How many Mission Services are targeted in the Umang Application?

  • Downloading Umang Application to your PC will make your PC a central location that grants you access to all Government Services. With this application, you will be able to save your resources and direct your time at something more important. PM Shri Narendra Modi also believes that Umang Application is inclusive in the implementation of the mission- Digital India. He feels it plays an important part in digitalizing India.
  • This App set a benchmark of more than 200 services integrated in one singular platform. The plan is to add more services by the end of 2019 and make India, in fact, digital.
  • This App is not difficult to access. It has been designed in a user-friendly manner for citizens to use services like Pan Card, EPF and Central Services within the same app.

How many people currently use Umang and how have the ratings been so far?

So many merits, for absolutely free. Yes, that’s the first thing that struck my mind too- reliability. It’s essential that we provide adequate information for you to make the best choice for yourself. It’s equally important to know how the users feel about the App. Patiently taking time out to give a review itself is a big step.

Umang Mobile App and its Review

Until now, over 5,00,000 people have downloaded and used Umang app. This numbers are only increasing day by day and hence, the growth in the number of people is quite steady and this point. Moving on to the number of people who have taken time out to rate the app, this has made a commendable impact.

On Google Play Store, a 4.4 rating has been given for Umang Application based on the variety of advantages it has to offer us. It has risen in terms of popularity in the recent past.

Before moving forward, let’s discuss the other attached benefits and services offered by Umang Application.

Services offered by Umang Application

Following is a list of Government Services included in the Umang Application. A detailed account of all the services offered will be discussed below:

EPFO: Checking ePF Balance and Passbook on your mobile

This service proves to be quite useful for employees and makes their job simpler. Many a times, employees might want to check their provident fund (fund allotted by their organization). This is what we commonly call as PF. This service is one of the top services provided by Umang Application.

NPS Calculator: Net Promoter Score Calculator by Umang App

You might be wondering what a Net Promoter is, and how it passes as a service. A PRAN account is present and using Umang, you will be able to subscribe to information updates related to PRAN. Users thus, will be able to keep a track of various credentials like password, account number etc.

Paying Income Tax using Umang App Online

Downloading Umang Application makes it simple for you to pay your income tax. Since every one of us has to pay a certain amount of tax and since tax payers have the option of paying tax in advance. This is known as Self Assessment Tax and along with this, rushes a bundle of questions. If you’re wondering how to track the status of paid taxes, there is a very useful option available where users will be able to check and keep a track of their paid advance challan of tax and this is made possible by services like “Track Challan Status” in the Umang Application.

Get Passport Seva on your mobile phone or PC!

After various suggestions regarding the implementation of Passport Seva in Umang Application, it has been incorporated. Once you download this application, you should be easily able to access Passport Seva. You’ll be taken through the steps and process of delivering your passport efficiently.

Crop Insurance Service

Crop Insurance is a government scheme that is targeted at farmers and deals with their insurance. Under this service, the farmer could calculate the crop insurance based on a given scheme provided by the Government. This way, farmers get to calculate the total amount of crops they can insure.

DigiSevak in Umang App

Umang Application does not limit itself to mere government services but extends its area of service by including job application a part of it. Job seekers’ work is made simple since this application allows users to apply for various government-sector jobs. This is absolutely free and users can match their qualification with various available jobs.

HP Gas, Indane Gas and Bharat Gas Bill Payments using Umang App

Gas is one of the basic necessities for every household since it’s the foundation for cooking. Generally, as we all know, we order and register a booking for gas. This requires a lot of time and it’s a tedious process to keep repeating every month. So, Umang application offers you gas bill payment services where all you have to do is download the app. Once you access this booking service, you can refill all the information with the help of history tracker using Umang app.

For more information, visit Umang Application site.

Other valuable features of Umang Application

Single Platform for many

If you look at it clearly, you’ll realize that Umang is a single application or a single roof which has integrated services. That is, a diverse set of services are united under this singular platform, making it much convenient.

Time saving

If services like these are carried out otherwise, it would end up consuming a lot of time and effort. Citizens would have to stand in a queue, missing out on a lot of other activities. Umang application replaces all that by giving you an efficient way of paying bills and getting government service aid instantly.

How to use Umang App- Step by Step (Hindi) (Umang App Download)

The following video shows you how to use Umang App step by step. It guides you to use your desired services easily. Watch the video completely.

3 Ways to download Umang Mobile App for Android and iPhone

Below is a list of 3 well known ways to download Umang App for absolutely free. You can download it from either Google Play Store or Apple iTunes Store.

Scanning QR Code: Below is the QR Code of Umang Mobile Application’s download link. Scanning it using any QR scanner will take you forward.

Giving a Missed Call: The easiest method to download Umang App is by giving a missed call on 97183-97183

SMS: This step is equally simple. You will have to enter your mobile number on the official site and you will instantly receive an SMS with the official download link of Umang App.

Official Download Link of Umang Mobile App for Android: Play Store

Official Download of Umang Mobile App for Apple iPhone iOS:
Apple App Store (iTunes)