Unity in Diversity – Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph

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Unity in Diversity – Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph

Introduction (Essay on Unity in Diversity)

Unity in diversity is the existence of oneness even after various numbers of differences. Unity in diversity is a common proverb. It is said that “United we stand, divided we fall”. The meaning of this proverb is that if we stay together, then nobody can defeat us if we keep fighting over trivial matters than outsiders may take advantage of our internal weakness. We can understand it very well with an example. We all know the story of the old man and his three sons. When the old man was dying, his sons began to quarrel. He asked them one by one to break a bundle of sticks tied together. They were unable to do it. He ordered the bundle to be united and then asked his sons to break each stick separately. They did it easily. This was a lesson to thei9r sons that strength lies in unity, and they never afterward quarreled or forgot to stand united. In every walk of life, we find that it is our unity that gives us strength. Even in the animal world, the animal helps each other in the face of danger, when one senses danger nearby then they immediately indicate the other creatures of the threat. When people quarrel among them and continue to do so in the face of adversity, we can never think of putting up a joint front against the enemy. The important aspect of our life is unity.

Unity in Diversity - Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph
Unity in Diversity – Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph

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Importance of Unity in Diversity

Diversity has advantages in it as when people from different backgrounds and beliefs come together a number of ideas combine which leads to increased creativity and ideas. People from diverse backgrounds can provide ideas for adapting to ever-changing customer demands. A collection of people with different experiences, skills, languages and other differences increase the range of services. With the number of advantages, diversity has disadvantages too as it leads to the communication issues, it also leads to increase in competition, it also increases the cost of training as if unity is to be achieved, such training is essential as they will teach how to accept thoughts, ideas, and personalities of others. Wealthy people have made themselves poor by quarrels amongst themselves. Much of the social, economic, environmental and global issues can be solved if people around the world get united as one entity. When people of a country develop a sense of unity among themselves, the government of that country can focus on economic development and security of the nation.

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Unity in Diversity-Essay, Speech, Article
Unity in Diversity-Essay, Speech, Article

India is the best country to explain this concept as India is a country where it is very clear to see unity in diversity because of people of any religion, race, culture, and tradition live together without hurting each other feelings and beliefs to their religion. The number of diversities makes more complex unity. People of India are united in spite of much diversity. Unity in diversity has been one of the great characteristics of our nation which has bind people of all religions together in one bond of humanity. Unity in diversity concept in India gives everyone a strong message that nothing is without unity. Living together with love and harmony provides the real essence of life. Unity in diversity in India shows us that we all are born, cared and nourished by one supreme God.

Conclusion on Unity in Diversity Speech

So, in the end, the conclusion is unity provides strength and diversity provide the combination of ideas for the betterment. Unity in diversity provides you the strength with the number of ideas. So, be united in the diversity.

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