Why is Foreign Education System is better than Indian Education System?

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Why is Foreign Education System better than Indian Education System?

What is an Education System?

Education is surely a very important aspect for a country to be developed. Education majorly contributes to the growth and development of any country. The countries that are most developed has the best education system. The good education system is one which provides knowledge and as well as practical knowledge. A country should adopt an education system that will benefit the country. It should not focus only on theories; it should provide more of practical knowledge. The good education system should also focus on the free education till middle level, should encourage the creativity of students, a proper education policy and properly implementing of the education policy and also a proper budget for the education system of the country.

Foreign Education System vs. Indian Education System
Foreign Education System vs. Indian Education System

Indian Education System

Decades ago, it was considered that world-class education cannot be provided in India. But, the education system of India has shown a growth and a tremendous change has been seen in last several years. After the various researches done, the loophole in the education system curriculum of India has been recognized. The government has gone through all the loopholes and many changes have been done in the education system of India, the syllabus has also been changed, new courses are added, new and interesting subjects are added, teaching methodologies are also changed, schools and colleges are now having most qualified teachers.

In India, elementary education is provided up to 8th standard. Then there is secondary education till class 12th. Graduation may take 3 to 5 years and then it comes post graduation which takes 2 years and then there is Ph.D. where research is done.

Foreign Education System

It is been considered that the foreign countries have the most advanced teaching system and the quality of the education provided in foreign is also very good. Foreign institutes provide the world-class education. The curriculum is been designed by the local and state government. Therefore, we can see little standardization in the syllabuses.

Proper funding is provided for the better advancement of schools and colleges. High technologies are used to make things understandable to the students. They focus more on practical things rather than theoretical knowledge. Foreign schools and colleges also focus more on extracurricular activities. 

Some major differences between Indian Education System and Foreign Education System

#1. Foreign Education System focuses more on practical knowledge rather than theoretical knowledge whereas Indian Education System focuses more on theoretical knowledge than practical knowledge.

#2. Foreign Education focuses on the creativity of a student and also encourages whereas in Indian Education System creativity is not encouraged much.

#3. In India, students are not allowed to choose their field of interests. Sports and arts are just leftover things. But in foreign, there is nothing like that. A student can choose any stream he wants.

#4. In India, students do a job where the pay scale is high whereas in foreign students choose the job according to their field of interest.

#5. In India, there is a trend that in which field a student will take admission all will try to do that. But in foreign, till student get admission in their field of interests they will wait.

#6. Indian education uses old technologies for teaching. There is not much change after independence. But in foreign new and trending technologies are used in order to provide students a quality education.

#7. Indian Education System believes in certificates, grades, and marks. We believe in IITs and IIMs. But foreign countries believe in skills and practical knowledge.

Conclusion on Difference between Foreign Education System and Indian Education System

With the help of above article we can conclude that foreign education system is much better than Indian education system as it focuses on creativity, practical knowledge, sports, arts etc. whereas in India focus is only one theoretical knowledge, students are not allowed to choose their own field of interests etc. Therefore we conclude that foreign education is not expenditure instead it is an investment.

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