Why Instagram Is the Top Social Platform for Engagement?

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Instagram is a great application wherein people share videos, stories, photos and chat with each other. This is very visual as Instagram is mostly used for updating photos and videos. In this way, people from all across the globe tend to use it willingly and love spending time in it. Today, there are more than 500 million people who use Instagram. This is how it makes the second most popular social media app today.

However, it is said that Instagram has become the top social media platform for engagement. There are many reasons to support this answer and in this article, we are going to discuss them in detail.

One of the greatest features of Instagram is its Follow button. By pressing the follow button one can easily start following the other’s Instagram activities without having to search for it. It begins to display in the feed. Therefore, if you want to increase your following so that more and more people are able to view you, you can easily seek assistance from Famoid: an application that helps you buy Instagram likes, followers, viewers and automatic likes. This app has different packages for each and you may select according to your preference.

From here on, we will discuss some of the best reasons why Instagram is the top social media platform for engagement.

  1. Easy to Access

    Instagram is one platform that is absolutely easy to access since everything is so visual. Another reason why it is so easy to access is that it is easier to edit pictures here while uploading them.

    Also, since it does not have too many features and options, it is convenient for a lot of people and simple to understand.

  2. Visual Nature
    People love visual stuff more than anything else. Visual things are easier and free of hassle which is why more and more people indulge in Instagram for this feature. Its visual nature keeps people engaged until they realize its been long.
  3. Modernity
    Unlike other apps that aren’t as popular as before, Instagram is very popular with everything it has to offer, especially for its modernity. Instagram surpasses apps like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and other apps as it is a blend of all.
    In this way, people tend to spend less time using 4 different apps because they can use all of the 4 in one app itself and derive the best from it.
  4. Function
    Instagram contains a very interesting list of the audience especially between the ages of 18 to 30. It offers a view of every platform yet, it restricts spamming and other types of illegal work that can hamper someone’s reputation or growth. Moreover, this platform is not only work based, or fun based but one can use it for several different purposes, in varied ways according to their preference. In this way, it also makes a very interactive platform for different people to come together and communicate with one another.
  5. Creative
    Instagram is an extremely creative platform wherein photographers, content writers, fashion bloggers, and makeup artists tend to spend more time showcasing their creativity which keeps everyone engaged. In this way, creativity makes it very interesting for the audience to stay engrossed and people tend to spend a lot more time trying to view them.

This is how Instagram makes the top social platform for engagement. While, you have alreadylearnedt how it makes the top social media platform for engagement it is best to know some tips on how you can derive more engagement from this app.

  1. Use the power of Hashtags
    Using relevant Hashtags on Instagram genuinely helps you attract a large number of engagements. The more you use hashtags, the more you are likely to draw people to your profile and posts. If you are really looking at how many hashtags you can use for a particular post, it has to be at least 30. You may also buy Instagram likes for as it helps you to draw more attention.
  2. Use light contents to draw attention

    Instagram is a visual platform where people are always in the look for something that doesn’t take too long to view or understand. When people use this app for writing heavy contents, it is likely that people will get bored and scroll over your post. This is how light contents help draw better attention and work best.
  3. Pay attention the photos
    It is very important to upload the correct kind of photographs to keep your followers and viewers engaged. When your content is visual with a strong photo, it helps people to view it more often, especially if your image has a single colours or a group of colours to make it look attractive.

These were some of the quick tips that you can use to draw more engagement in your Instagram account. However you can also buy likes from Famoid to become more popular and gain more attention on this platform.