Women Employment: Meaning, Importance, Essay, Speech

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Women Employment: Meaning, Importance, Essay, Speech

Essay on Importance of Women Employment

In the 21st century, the world is brisk, enthusiastically progressing and taking up the women partake in uplifting the society and economy of the world. The topic is a universally accepted phenomenon but for the women, it was a hard nut to crack for their equal rights in the society.

Women, both married and unmarried, today are independent and earn for their survival. The number of working women is escalating drastically. Today, the society is very open to accepting new challenges and women have stout volition. Though there is fair involvement of women in society, some pedantic minds still consider women as home makers and born-to-cook beings.

Women Employment: Meaning, Importance, Essay, Speech
Women Employment: Meaning, Importance, Essay, Speech

Misogyny is ubiquitous. Incidents about misbehaving, eve teasing and molestation with working women is common these days. In spite all this, women have vindicated their strengths and capabilities which can be witnessed by their participation in every field from education to sports to business and defence to science. There are many examples like Tania Sachdev, Dipika Pallikal Karthik, Pooja Thakur, Shakuntala Devi, Bhakti Sharma, P V Sindhu, Saina Nehwal and much more. There are successful business women who run successful companies viz. Indra Nooyi, Chanda Kochar, Vandana Luthra, the list is infinite.

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Importance of women employment

Women today are playing huge roles as investors, consumers, entrepreneurs, scientists, lawyers and doctors. They create jobs and strengthen the world economy. Today, women make up almost half of America’s economy. They are entering into sectors that were only reserved for men (pilots, defence, drivers). The briskly escalating economy demands more educated and self-potential women which makes them totally independent and earns them equal dignity, and pay as their husband or their male counterpart and makes them a breadwinner.

Globally, women get paid less and work an hour or two more than men. In 2013, the employment-to-population ratio of women was 47.1 percent and that of men stood at 72.2 percent. It is assumed that ending the pay gap and employment participation between men and women will boost global economy to 76 percent. Organisation for Economic Corporation and Development reported that women spend 10 years of their life in Kitchen where as men invest 22 years for sleeping. An Indian man on average spends only 18-20 minutes for homely tasks.

Educated women are more spruce and dapper and understand there is more to life than being a puppet. They encourage other women to step up and become self-sufficient, self-supporting and have willpower to enhance the world. Women employment promotes empowerment of society and paves way for a positive ideology.

Women empowerment leads to better policy and decisions. When women stand up they push limits and come up extra ordinary ideas to improve lives. Women are natural managers and very adaptable. Empowering women reflects new pattern where both the partners work and run the home smoothly. This change in mindset reflects a new trend where the lady earns the bread and the man is making the house. Despite women contributing proportionally they face discrimination in their pay. A white woman in America gets 80 cents for every dollar a white man makes and a black woman has to settle with 70 cents.

To sum it up

Despite all this favoritism they proudly come out and promulgate their competency to the world. Women are the parallel tracks which balance the train named life and their participation is inevitable for the enhancement of the world.